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Mikael Ayrapetyan is an Armenian pianist with a specific goal: to deliver hidden gems of the Armenian classical repertoire

- percorsi musicali

E. Abramyan Prelude №18 g-moll
E. Abramyan Prelude №19 gis-moll
Aram Khachaturian - Lullaby.
Yulia Ayrapetyan - piano
Baghdasarian - Prelude h-moll.
Yulia Ayrapetyan - piano


Sergei Prokofiev Piano Sonata No 8
 B-flat major, Op 84
Robert Schumann Fantaisie Op. 17
Arno Babadjanyan - Nocturne
Arno Babadjanyan - Dreams
Komitas - Msho shoror
Komitas - 7 dances for piano
Haro Stepanyan. Childrens Pieces for piano on national Armenian melodies
ARNO BABADJANIAN. Six pieces for piano
Alexander Spendiarov. Erevan etudes.
1. Enzeli 2. Gidzhas
Aram KHACHATURIAN.Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia from «Spartacus» ballet
Aram KHACHATURIAN. Ayshe's Dance from «Gayaneh» ballet
Aram KHACHATURIAN. The Maidens' Dance from «Gayaneh» ballet
E. Abramyan Prelude №3 e-moll.
E. Abramyan Prelude №8 B-dur. Mikael Ayrapetyan
E. Abramyan Prelude №4 es-moll
E. Bagdasarian. Prelude d-moll
Haro Stepanian. Preludes for piano
Sarkis Barkhudarian. Naz par
Sarkis Barkhudarian. Oriental dance
Aram KHACHATURIAN. The Nymphs' Dance from «Spartacus» ballet
Aram Khachaturian Song Poem 'In Honor of the Ashugs', Op 19 1929
Sarkis Barkhudarian. Dance of the Maiden
Sarkis Barkhudarian. Dance of Narine
Arno Babadjanyan. Elegy
A.Spendiarov. Elegical song
Aram KHACHATURIAN: Uzun-Dara - from «Gayaneh» ballet
Aram KHACHATURIAN. Heginei par - from "Spartacus" ballet
A.Spendiarov Lullaby.
Komitas Qeler-Tsoler, Krunk
Komitas - Garun a. Yulia Ayrapetyan - piano
Komitas - Kakavik. Yulia Ayrapetyan - piano.
Spendiarov - Lullaby. Yulia Ayrapetyan - piano
Dolukhanyan. "And we will live at that time", Babajanyan. "Do not hurry", "Your footprints". Stanislav Davydov - bass, Yulia Ayrapetyan - piano
Arno Babadjanian. Thank You
Willy WEINER: "Small Ballerina"
Baal HaSulam. Piano works
Willy WEINER: Moon Waltz
Baal HaSulam. Concert. Part 1
Baal HaSulam. Concert. Part 2
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