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Mikael Ayrapetyan presented Haro Stepanyan's music for the first time in Russia

Concert program for the first time in Moscow -

26 preludes for piano and the cycle Children's pieces based on folk melodies.

August 22, 2016, a unique program presented to the Moscow audience in the cozy chamber hall of the International Union of musical figures. Secrets of Armenia project head, pianist Mikael Ayrapetyan performed the Moscow premiere - a cycle of Children's Pieces and 26 preludes by Haro Stepanian.


It was a wonderful creative atmosphere in that warm evening. Guests to the concert, plunged at once into another world, far from the daily routine and worldly concerns. At the entrance, the audience was greeted by hospitable guides and quietly introduced to the exhibition hall with the most unique instruments on display. It is nice to notice the technical side of the concert organization. For that landmark event, a brand new ANT.PETROFF grand piano designed to celebrate the company's anniversary was brought. One of the strengths of the new instrument, according to the soloist, is the "mystical piano", which allows to create a magical world of fairy-tale images in the cycle of Children's Pieces by Haro Stepanian. There was an unusually warm atmosphere in the hall, where true connoisseurs of art gathered, among whom was the Consul of Armenia – Garegin Meliksetyan, a man with a fine taste and deep knowledge of musical art. A few minutes before the concert began, an extraordinary incident happened. Garegin Meliksetyan sat down at the piano and brilliantly performed one of the miniatures of the modern Armenian composer. When all the guests had gathered, the lights were dimmed and the pianist came on stage.


One of the distinguishing features of all the concerts of the Secrets of Armenia project is the absence of an entertainer. ​ Mikael Ayrapetyan always personally communicates with the audience, which is very attractive to the listener and creates a general mood of the event. Thanks to the colorfulness of the composer's language and colorful sound, from the first notes the listeners were able to go on to an unforgettable journey through the musical landscapes of Armenia. In the imagination, there were pictures of dancing girls, a lonely shepherd leading his flock along the mountain terrain, festive folk festivals and deep philosophical reflections.


It was an unforgettable evening, Mikael Ayrapetyan masterfully manages to find the innermost feeling of Armenian music, which vividly conveys the composer's thought and fills the hall with a unique atmosphere.

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