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Music of Haro Stepanian in Armenia. World premiere.

Mikael Ayrapetyan revealed the works of Haro Stepanian to the Armenian public, performing for the first time the cycles - 26 preludes for piano and Children's pieces based on folk melodies.

August 3, 2016, a world premiere at Cafesjian Center for Arts, Yerevan. Work of Haro Stepanian, an outstanding Armenian composer of the XX century, presented by Mikael Ayrapetyan. ​


People's Artist of the Armenian SSR, laureate of the State Prize Haro Stepanian (1897-1966) - one of the most talented and original composers of Soviet Armenia. His fruitful creative and social activities valuably contributed to the development of Armenian musical culture. Stepanian belongs to the generation of composers whose creative personality was formed, strengthened and matured in the conditions of Soviet reality. Author of five operas, three symphonies, many songs, romances, chamber, and instrumental works, he contributed to the expansion of the ideological content, genres, forms, expressive means of Armenian music, updating and enriching its intonation language.


His work of a fine artist, a musician of high taste and skill is deeply human, very poetic, bonded with folk art.

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